Enspiral Summer Festival 2018

Tue 30th Jan 3:00am – Thu 1st Feb 3:00pm

Silverstream Retreat, Silverstream Retreat, Lower Hutt, New Zealand Map

Welcome to Enspiral Summer Festival – our annual global gathering. Please join us for four days of connection, reflection, fun, and learning. Summer Festival is a combination of both high energy, socially engaging and mentally stimulating experiences, and a chance to slow down, explore deep conversations, and reflect on your purpose and direction. The result is a unique combination of work and play. There will be workshops and processes that are very practical and geared towards professionals and change makers, and there will be workshops and processes that are focused on personal development and collective well being.

The event is hosted by the Enspiral network and while most of the people participating will be part of the network we actively welcome newcomers and Summer Festival is a great chance to meet the people involved and to learn more about what Enspiral does and how it works.

We are expecting between 80 and 100 people this year, so be ready for lots of interaction, diverse views and equally diverse content. To help you make the most of the experience the event will be facilitated by a team of experienced hosts and helpers. The goal of the facilitation team is to provide a range of experiences to meet everyone’s needs. There will be active and reflective sessions, large group processes and small group processes, loud spaces and quiet spaces, formal occasions and plenty of free time for you to do what ever you like.

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